The Bucket of Holding grows ever deeper with dastardly things lining the rim, ready to attack the nearest passerby. The Bucket comes with a history, you see, one which isn't very pleasant. Want to know more about this magical artifact, long lost in your campaign world? Let us know by commenting below.

There comes a point in every gamer's life when he thinks back on all the roleplaying groups he's been a part of since he first picked up a d20 and a character sheet. He recalls great campaigns, beloved characters, favorite stories, and fellow players who became his friends for life. But when he considers those players more closely, he wonders "why is it that so few women get involved in what I know is a great hobby?"

After your success at Five Oaks, your party has ended up in the city of Pardue in the United Kingdom of Ahlissa. While making your daily rounds of Inns and taverns, you hear of trouble to the southeast of the city. Tales tell of a series of hills that have become infested by goblins. Some stories tell of how these goblins are led by particularly large and vicious goblins. After a couple of weeks of hearing these tales, wondering as to their validity, and perhaps even thinking that you might take a little trip to see if these rumors are true, a merchant confirms the tales.

I hate terminology. I really do. Terms are as dangerous as guns, and much easier to get a hold of. Terms kill as well, but do so by thought obliteration, by limiting a possibility to a narrow one. All words are terms. Using a word to describe something can fail utterly because not every word is able to take in the true meaning of a situation. One of the worst places for this sort of thing is in the gaming world.

In part 2 of our (hopefully) 10-part series, we interviewed a relative newcomer to the world of d20 publishing. We gave 20 questions to Margaret "Maggie" Vining of Better World Roleplaying, Inc., and she gave us her impression of the current state of the d20 system, and her part in the larger picture. Take a look inside Maggie's mind...

Jeff Dee is perhaps best known to fans of Villains & Vigilantes, oft recognized as one of the best Supers RPGs ever to come along. But he's much more than that; in his secret identity as a freelance designer and artist, he's also developed several other game systems, worked for TSR, and started UniGames with fellow artist and designer 'Manda. He was kind enough to lend us 30 minutes of his time.


This year marked the 12th year in a row that I have attended the GenCon games fair. As always, I looked forward to my four days there as a chance to see and buy some new games as well as get in a little playing. Then came this year.

In my last column, I explained why Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs) do not involve very much real role playing. The genre of online role playing has a lot of potential, but it lies dormant, waiting for the right circumstances to awaken it's full potential. What MMORPGs need is to...

We're interviewing 10 people involved in the creation of d20 products, from renowned game designers and publishers to the freelance writers and artists who make it all happen. We give them 20 questions. They give us a piece of their mind. Take a look inside and see what Mike Bennighof of Avalanche Press had to say.

Ah, the ubiquitous Bucket Of Holding, where press releases frolic in their underwear, game products loudly proclaim their abilities, and lead based miniatures are sourly laughed at by the environment friend pewters. We've got a full kettle for you today as its been awhile.

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