Ah, the ubiquitous Bucket Of Holding, where press releases frolic in their underwear, game products loudly proclaim their abilities, and lead based miniatures are sourly laughed at by the environment friend pewters. We've got a full kettle for you today as its been awhile.

In this first installment of The Scarlet Servant, The Manor House of Five Oaks, our campaign and new players start out saving a town from the fiendish attacks of nearby goblins, holed up in an old noble's house, abandoned for fifteen years. What lies in wait for them at the Manor House? Read on...

Elfwood (www.elfwood.com) claims to be the largest Science Fiction and Fantasy art and fiction site in the entire world. They claim to have over 125 thousand pictures and 10 thousand stories online. They claim one of the most dedicated fan followings around, consisting of gamers, fanfic writers and budding artists. Since June 26th, they can also claim to be totally offline.

Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGS) are, for the most part, all boring wastes of time that have very little of importance to differentiate one from another. This is not to say that MMORPGs are not fun, because in their own way they can be. They certainly have the tendency to be addictive.

You should really read the entire announcement at the SJGames website, but for the sake of drawing commentary, I'll post the more informative bits here. They're not going out of business - rather just cutting back based on "incomplete financial statements".

Are you a Linux user? Hate rebooting just so you can play a game of Counterstrike or run some Windows-centric application to perform a simple task because the boneheads didn't port it to Linux? Well there's good news, WINE is here for you. What is WINE? Read on to find out.

Welcome to another edition of the Bucket Of Holding, where we disseminate all the press junk that has filtered through our boxes over the past couple of weeks. Is this collection useful to you as a gamer? Let us know if you want us to continue.

Anarchy-Online hit stores yesterday, and I had hoped to bring you a review of what was supposed to be the world's first and greatest MMORPG set in a science-fiction world. At the moment, the best thing I can say is that disgruntled gamers sick of blasting Daikatana will be pleased to know that there's a new outlet for their rage and frustration. But there's one key difference between Daikatana and Anarchy-Online; you can actually play Daikatana out of the box.

Sack Armies Trainer Sets Available Online, Dominion Rules 2.0 Available, tons of Wingnut Games and Troll Lord Games news (including free downloads), a new game from ClockWorks, a new discount game magazine, and the lovable text based Skotos.net - all making headlines in today's Bucket Of Holding.

It's been said that everything has already been written, that every movie has been made, that all everyone can do now is recycle old plots and characters. I don't know whether or not this is true for the rest of the entertainment world, but it's certainly true when it comes to the world of role-playing. Everyone thinks they're a Star Wars character...

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