Another look at character creation and the process of fleshing out characters and making them as real as possible. In this article, we discuss both building a good character sheet and using that character sheet to the max of your abilities.

A long-awaited trailer for the long-awaited Dragonlance movie has finally been released and is available right here. Initial opinions of the animation style, which is a mix of traditional cel animation and 3D CGI, has been mixed. What do you think? Take a look and let us know.

While I love the game and the endless hours of fun it provides, anyone with a passing knowledge in Anthropology, Psychology, or even a college degree has to secede any chance of Dungeons & Dragons being "realistic." This is my big problem with D&D.

The first of a series of articles that will attempt to address making characters, giving suggestions and ideas, as well as a battle plan, to make truly legendary characters. While primarily for players, this has been designed with both players and GMs in mind, as both need to make great characters to make a great game.

In the beginning, the darkness came from the valley and spoke unto me, "Dost my will?" and I asked humbly, "I am thine servant Theo, what is thy desire?" The Darkness replied. "Show them, the true power of the dark side, show them what you have been taught of evil through comic books. Lead them into a land of Mountain Dew and Bugles!" And so, I the Prophet received the Ten Commandments of Villainy, to help steer the chosen people from cliches of necromancers and demon lords.

What is the sound of one hand clapping? If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? What does a Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e Character Sheet sound like? Thanks to Scribd, we know the answer to one of these three questions.

Wizards of the Coast announced at GenCon today that it will release the 4th Edition of its category-leading Dungeons and Dragon roleplaying game in 2008, the first full new edition in eight years. The three core books will be released next summer on a monthly schedule: Player's Handbook in May, Monster Manual in June, and Dungeon Master's Guide in July.

Storycrafters employ various methods to fashion tales. The mechanisms are called "devices", or "techniques", and comprise the inner workings of tales, giving each its own character. Stories can be spun without knowing the names of all the assorted gears and sprockets, but some basic familiarity with the widgets can enhance storycrafting skills. Passing down the knowledge from crafter to crafter is the very best of all.

A singular conflict in my love-hate relationship with GD:T&P, my topic-inspiration crutch, is over a passage on story in the design of Tekken, the first game of the well-known fighting game series. I say the passage is a dirty sucker-punch motivated by some unseen bitterness and deserves a fair shot for rebuttal.

Stories are a core element of game design but the art of storycrafting for games is truly arcane. This article looks at some kinds of story, their basic composition and how the types may apply to both development, presentation and play.

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