A Clements High School senior was arrested for being a terrorist threat after parents complained he'd created a computer game map of his school for use as a mod in an online game. One article says police found and seized "five swords" the boy had at his home, as well as a hammer.

It wasn't so long ago that a company called Guardians of Order got the RPG rights to George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire... and then promptly went the way of the Dodo bird. Now another RPG company has reached an agreement with Martin to publish a new version of the fantasy epic - industry fan favorite, Green Ronin Publishing.

Ever wonder why I might be using a reference book that I seem to disagree with on every other page as my topic guide? The first clue is in Chapter 3. That chapter contains a gem of an idea that was worth the whole of the book to me. It was a carrier of epiphany, something that proved valuable beyond the realm of fun and games. The mythical million-dollar-idea was offered up in the chapter attempting to debunk the very myth of the One Great Idea. And I do so love irony.

Join the Quest! Nox Arcana invites listeners to enter a mythical realm of fantasy with Blood of the Dragon, an epic sword-and-sorcery soundscape that beckons listeners to set out upon an ancient quest through dark kingdoms ruled by wizards and warriors and to battle alongside barbarian hordes, elven mages and knights of legend.

April 19, 2007 (BELLEVUE, Wash.) – Paizo Publishing and Wizards of the Coast today announced the conclusion of Paizo's license to produce Dragon and Dungeon magazines effective September 2007. Publication of Dragon and Dungeon will cease with issues number 359 and 150, respectively. "Today the internet is where people go to get this kind of information," said Scott Rouse, Senior Brand Manager of Dungeons & Dragons®, Wizards of the Coast. "By moving to an online model we are using a delivery system that broadens our reach to fans around the world. Paizo has been a great partner to us over the last several years. We wish them well on their future endeavors."

More fun with Analog games is in store for those of you looking for that. Two games are featured in today's article, which is all about TRAINS! Specifically, we'll look at Ticket to Ride by Days of Wonder & TransAmerica, published by Rio Grande.

In game design terms, a game's focus is what is considered most important about the game. This article explores ideas on reasons for establishing focus and beneficial uses once it is established. An original example focus is provided for discussion and practice development.

Why aren't there sports in roleplaying games? Sports have such a huge impact on us culturally and have been played for thousands of years. So why aren't they mentioned in roleplaying games?

This is a war that lets you strap yourself into a 20 foot tall lumbering mass of metal, gears, steam pipes and pistons built around a high pressure explosive engine core and then go and pound the living crap out of a Gnome who richly deserves it.

Which Con are you going to this year? GenCon? Origins? Dundracon? How about Ziggurat Con? The latter is brand new this year, and is being held at Camp Adder/Tallil Airbase on June 9. In Iraq.

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