SPC David Amberson, Ziggurat Con Chair, writes to tel us that Ziggurat Convention 2007 is finally over. "To everyone who helped us, we, the participants of Ziggurat Con thank you for all your help," he said. "Without you, there wouldn't have been a convention to support." Gamegrene is proud to have been the website that truly broke this story open. I personally hope that there won't have to be a Ziggurat Con 2008 - it would be nice for everyone to come home and just go to GenCon next year.

Sometimes the independent role-playing industry releases some real gems, and Dead Inside is definitely one of them. It has enough storyline for any player who focuses on character development and the ease of play allows newcomers and veterans alike to enter into the game quickly, without spending hours scrutinizing on character archetypes and the crunchy mechanics.

My perspective on the most steadfast rule of D&D that isn't used anywhere else.

Welcome to PORTAL (Player Oriented Roleplaying: Timing, Action & Lucidity), a universal roleplaying system ready to be adapted to whatever your imagination can come up with. It's a system which strives to strike a balance between roleplaying and gaming.

Pardus, an indy space MMORPG with traders, fighters and pirates of various races and factions striving for wealth and fame in the universe, is expanding on June 10!

Shadowrun is a game filled with imagination set in the postmodernist dystopia of the bleak near-future. Shadowrun is also one of the biggies, a game created by one of the roleplaying giants that generated video games, action figures (well, all right, they were like giant mage knight figures) and a novel series. Because of this, why is it so underground?

Rather than a discussion of people making a living at running scams, this article focuses on the beneficial point of conventions. Science Fiction, Gaming, and Comic conventions are discussed.

A discussion starter, from the unusual inspiration source, on the question: "What are elements of good gameplay?" Some example ideas are provided along with the application to different game forms.

The world is vibrant, the world is alive... You can taste salt on the wind, smell the black damp of the earth beneath your feet. The drums of the ancestors call out to the clans, their song carried to all the chiefdoms across the sea. These are the ancient islands of the Brothers, the islands of the Bronze Gods, and they are your home.

A PDF of HARP SF Beta 0.1 is available for download from the ICE online store. Members of the ICE forum who have purchased the PDF get free updates as they are released.

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