The Gamer Dome reports from the GAMA Trade Show: "Forgotten Realms 4e is three books, period, done, end of line: Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide, Player's Guide to FR, and DM's Guide to FR. All settings will be done like that, one per year, until they run out of settings. They mentioned Greyhawk, Ravenloft, Dark Sun, and Spelljammer as settings on their list!"

Wizards of the Coast is pleased to announce that third-party publishers will be allowed to publish products compatible with the Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition game system under the new Dungeons & Dragons 4E Game System License (D&D 4E GSL). This royalty-free license will replace the former d20 System Trademark License (STL), and will have a System Reference Document (SRD) available for referencing permissible content.

According to various news reports, Gary Gygax, creator of the original Dungeons & Dragons fantasy game, died Tuesday morning at his home in Lake Geneva, Wis. He was 69.

Character sheets for the forthcoming D&D 4th edition have apparently been leaked online, according to a front-page story on (although this would seem to be more of a release, as Morbus points out in the comments below). The big question: what are healing surges?

As everyone and their half-orc sister is reporting, Gen Con has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection, apparently as a direct result of a lawsuit filed by LucasFilm alleging an unjust failure to uphold financial obligations relating to Celebration IV.

A 28 year-old woman known as Jocelyn (who briefly worked for Blizzard) has divorced her husband of six years after he became so obsessed with World of Warcraft that he ignored her and caused her marriage to crumble.

According to a study released the day after Christmas, gamers who spend too much time playing their favorite video games, especially the violent sort, may risk damaging critical brain functions and stunting their learning and emotional control.

A long-awaited trailer for the long-awaited Dragonlance movie has finally been released and is available right here. Initial opinions of the animation style, which is a mix of traditional cel animation and 3D CGI, has been mixed. What do you think? Take a look and let us know.

SPC David Amberson, Ziggurat Con Chair, writes to tel us that Ziggurat Convention 2007 is finally over. "To everyone who helped us, we, the participants of Ziggurat Con thank you for all your help," he said. "Without you, there wouldn't have been a convention to support." Gamegrene is proud to have been the website that truly broke this story open. I personally hope that there won't have to be a Ziggurat Con 2008 - it would be nice for everyone to come home and just go to GenCon next year.

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