Gamestop has an interview with one of the guys behind the forthcoming D&D MMORPG: "As another example, Troop explained that according to the standard pen-and-paper rules, high-level characters gain "base attack bonuses" that increase their chances to strike true in combat. This ability will be represented by special attacks that can be pulled off with good timing. So a fighter character with a +5 attack bonus might have a five-part sword attack that can be pulled off by clicking the mouse button in a correctly timed fashion."

A South Jersey man is being held without bail on charges that he stabbed three people to death. District Attorney Bruce Casto is investigating a possible connection to Dungeons & Dragons: "I mean, you have many, many stab wounds and those Dungeons and Dragons fantasy games involve swords and knives and daggers and things of that nature. There may be a connection but I can't say for sure."

According to Ynetnews, the Israel Defense Forces believe incoming recruits and soldiers who play Dungeons and Dragons are unfit for elite units. Eighteen-year-olds who tell recruiters they play the popular fantasy game are automatically given low security clearance because "They're detached from reality and susceptible to influence."


It features a 6,000 square foot medieval village, complete with tavern. It's filled with intricate puzzles and monsters. Those who survive are rewarded for their efforts with treasure. It sold out last year at GenCon, and is scheduled to sell out again. And Wil Wheaton once played a bard who got killed by a giant spider. It could only be True Dungeon.

Time for a throwback to days of yore, when Dungeons & Dragons books, filled with demonic imagery, bare breasts and scary-sounding spells like "Tasha's Hideous Laughter", were accused of inciting teens to suicide. A mother has blamed the CCG Yu-Gi-Oh for her son's death.

Gamegrene premiered August 1st, 2000, alongside the much-anticipated release of Dungeons & Dragons 3e. With GenCon 2004 a mere month away, including new releases of GURPS, the World of Darkness, and Paranoia, it was time to once again match the buzz with a new version of Gamegrene. I present Gamegrene 2nd Edition.

For a new feature we're planning for Gamegrene, we'd like to know where you get your gaming news. Whether it's console, computer, or paper, we're interested in knowing the sites, magazines, and trusted advisors you visit on a regular basis.

Unless you have been living under a tombstone, you have likely heard that White Wolf has unleashed the forces of Gehenna, Apocalypse and the like to bring the World of Darkness to an end after 13 years.

For various reasons, I've been thinking of moving all commenting on Gamegrene articles to a forum based system like phpBB. There are benefits and detriments to doing this, and I'd like to hear your opinions on it. Good idea? Bad idea? Roll a save against "not invented here" syndrome.

A post to the Open Gaming Listserv today from Ryan Dancey (one of the most important people in the world of d20/Open Gaming) indicated that today was the day for the long-rumored Wizards of the Coast downsizing. Among those affected was Mr. Dancey himself. What will this mean for the future of Wizards, D&D, d20, Open Gaming and RPGs en masse? Time will tell.

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