In a completely unexpected move yesterday, the board of directors for GX-Media Inc. ordered the layoff of almost the entire staff of This included the entire editorial department. Problems in the .com world along with severely sharp decreases in advertising revenues were the stated reasons for this drastic move. I will lose access to my account this afternoon, so please do not respond to this post.

A St. Petersburg Times story this morning claimed Bragg had assaulted the child and left him to die because he was interfering with Bragg's enjoyment of the popular online computer game, but lawyers on both sides emphasize EverQuest was a minor factor, at most.

Just about every gamer board in the world had lit up recently concerning the news about Verant's banning of a player from Everquest. Almost without exception, every post is against Verant. While I don't necessarily support the way they went about it, I understand their decision... and hesitantly support the outcome. Here's why.

Interesting news coming from here on a Super Nintendo emulator (sNES 9x) for the Dreamcast, "The concept is rather simple really. I plan to port a known Super Nintendo emulator to the DC platform. I will program a simple but attractive directory browser for choosing which game you want to play, then you can jump right in. It'll probably include a software reset (you hit a bunch of buttons at the same time) so you don't have to get up."

Since when are Half-Life and Unreal Tournament classified as simulators? When it's in reference to a sickness being dubbed "simulator sickness", causing players to feel nauseous, dizzy, and ready to uke more than pathetic Daikitana like green slime.

Ring of Thieves, the latest in the growing library of free sample PDFs from Cumberland Games and Diversions, is available today. Designed for the obscure and frankly ridiculous Risus: The Anything RPG, Ring of Thieves follows the adventures of Lucas Marks in a retro fantasy solo adventure reminiscent of old-style gamebooks and solitaires. It's a complete adventure, ready for play.

Sega has been going on the rampage and shutting down ROM sites like the devil. ROMs are exact copies of the video or arcade game, and can be played on readily available emulators. Within 10 days, 220 sites have been shutdown, and they're now gunning for Swapoo.

Fusion 3.0, a Mac emulator for Windows, is now free. Retrobase has interviewed Quinntesson, the creator of AGES, a Sega Genesis/32x emulator. The complete text edition is available here. Hu-GO!, a TurboGrafx16 / PCE emulator has been ported to Windows. A beta release should be ready soon.

S. John Ross is proud to present the Blue Room Gamer Registry Form, a spiffy free (and tiny) file available at his website. Download it here. It's a 13k archive containing an Acrobat (version 4.0) file and a plaintext ReadMe file. Snag it, live it, love it, take it to your local retailer.

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