We've tried to make it as innocent, and unchanging as possible. We've checked all our URLs, duplicated all our features, and prayed pathetically to our liege. Yes, the entire backend of has changed. What have we broke?

Electronic Arts Inc., the largest U.S. video game publisher,is laying off 200 to 250 people from its online unit, about one-third of the staff of Redwood City, California-based It was not immediately clear if the cuts would mean the elimination of any of the offerings on the site.

The Bucket of Holding grows ever deeper with dastardly things lining the rim, ready to attack the nearest passerby. The Bucket comes with a history, you see, one which isn't very pleasant. Want to know more about this magical artifact, long lost in your campaign world? Let us know by commenting below.

Ah, the ubiquitous Bucket Of Holding, where press releases frolic in their underwear, game products loudly proclaim their abilities, and lead based miniatures are sourly laughed at by the environment friend pewters. We've got a full kettle for you today as its been awhile.

Elfwood ( claims to be the largest Science Fiction and Fantasy art and fiction site in the entire world. They claim to have over 125 thousand pictures and 10 thousand stories online. They claim one of the most dedicated fan followings around, consisting of gamers, fanfic writers and budding artists. Since June 26th, they can also claim to be totally offline.

You should really read the entire announcement at the SJGames website, but for the sake of drawing commentary, I'll post the more informative bits here. They're not going out of business - rather just cutting back based on "incomplete financial statements".

Welcome to another edition of the Bucket Of Holding, where we disseminate all the press junk that has filtered through our boxes over the past couple of weeks. Is this collection useful to you as a gamer? Let us know if you want us to continue.

Sack Armies Trainer Sets Available Online, Dominion Rules 2.0 Available, tons of Wingnut Games and Troll Lord Games news (including free downloads), a new game from ClockWorks, a new discount game magazine, and the lovable text based - all making headlines in today's Bucket Of Holding.

REDMOND, WA - April 1, 2001 -- Microsoft has announced their intention to purchase far-left gaming website as part of a move to bolster their soon-to-be-released X-Box platform.

Started by a college kid named Steve Milo from out of his dorm room closet, went from a tiny pamphlet filled with lists of comic books to worldwide reknown through the 1990s. At one point they were publishing catalogs around twice a month, had an immensely popular website, boasted a number of high profile gaming columns, and were generally on top of the world.

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