Old Kingdom Games is pleased to announce that it has launched its online developer diary this week with a couple of introductory articles concerning the upcoming Libellus Ultra (artwork) and Bronze Gods (d20 system Prestige Classes).

ENWorld and Old Kingdom Games have teamed up to celebrate the upcoming launch of Bronze Gods - the second d20 System setting book in OKG's Campaign Gems series. How are they celebrating? By giving away freebies in a treasure hunt exclusive to ENWorld.

When polled for their top three favorite games, NGW Members gave hundreds... and at their events of course played thousands, at 7,483 events this year. We hereby present you with the top 100, for National Games Week 2006, as named by the Members themselves. Your favorites can be in on the list for 2007- join, for free, at

Chad Underkoffler is the man behind Atomic Sock Monkey Press, creators of the PDQ game engine that's used in games like Dead Inside, Truth & Justice, Ninja Burger 2nd Edition, and the new Zorcerer of Zo. I've seen an early cut of this game and I have to say that it'd make a great stocking stuffer for any gamer or lover of fairy tales, no matter what their age.

Gamegrene is looking for a few good writers. If you've got something to say -- be it a rant, a review, an advice column, or anything game related -- create an account and submit your content. Then drop aeon a note (aeon (at) to let him know that it's ready for prime time.

Gamegrene would like to experiment with a forum-based play-by-post game here on the website. Although we are open to having multiple games running if interest is there, for starters we would like to do a trial run to see how it all goes. Gamegrener Lorthyne and myself are interested in running a game using the new Ninja Burger 2nd Edition RPG rules.

A while ago, I asked Ninja Burger's fans to ask me some questions about Ninja Burger and the new 2nd Edition of the Ninja Burger Role-Playing Game. Following are some of those questions, and my answers to them. Gamegrene seemed a good place to post this exclusive Q&A session, so please, enjoy, and feel free to reply with your own followup questions and comments.

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