Sega has been going on the rampage and shutting down ROM sites like the devil. ROMs are exact copies of the video or arcade game, and can be played on readily available emulators. Within 10 days, 220 sites have been shutdown, and they're now gunning for Swapoo.

The muzak where I work plays a rather odd selection of music. I was grumpily doing my job earlier this week when I was assaulted by a tune from the early 80's. The song was the theme song to the television series "The Greatest American Hero". For the uninitiated, let me fill you in.

Risk'n'Roll 2000 from Parker Brothers dubs itself "The Dice Game of the New Millennium". But when you can win a game with one roll, could it also have the shortest playing time around? Find out how to add Magic: The Gathering into the mix to make it a little more interesting and strategic.

Most Internet game play is divided into three categories: true browser based, browser plugin based, and client based. Client based is the most predominant, plugin based comes next with Java and Shockwave creations, and true browser based is sadly last. WHY THE HELL IS IT LAST, DAMMIT!

Fusion 3.0, a Mac emulator for Windows, is now free. Retrobase has interviewed Quinntesson, the creator of AGES, a Sega Genesis/32x emulator. The complete text edition is available here. Hu-GO!, a TurboGrafx16 / PCE emulator has been ported to Windows. A beta release should be ready soon.

I just got my most recent issue of Dragon Magazine in the mail yesterday. Being the geek that I've been for the last 20 years, I immediately sat down to read it. My wife usually refers to this as the time in which I ignore her. I think of it more as keeping up on current events. The big news in this issue is the release of the new rules for Dungeons and Dragons, as well as the return to Greyhawk as TSR's default setting. The issue came with a Demo version of the new character generator for third edition on CD-ROM. I took the generator out for a spin, and liked it.

S. John Ross is proud to present the Blue Room Gamer Registry Form, a spiffy free (and tiny) file available at his website. Download it here. It's a 13k archive containing an Acrobat (version 4.0) file and a plaintext ReadMe file. Snag it, live it, love it, take it to your local retailer.

I really wanted to like this game. Really. I tried hard. But when 23 megs of the 27 meg download are two mpeg movies, I start to wonder. Much less the fact that the multiplayer aspect forced me to restart my computer (no "Exit", no "Return to Menu", no "Ctrl-Alt-Del"). And, wait, I can't walk backwards? Huh?

I still feel the dread every time I look down at my hand... the hand I now cover with my once proud tartan. I feel disgraced, stuck and struck with an object of ill desire. I wonder sometimes why my God has put me through this trial. I had always been faithful to you, my liege, and yet you leave me with this.

In a sense, the Rosebaon (pronounced "rose-bay-own") is a true rarity - a group of men, women, and creatures with the overwhelming desire to spread evil in all its natural glory. Naturally, groups like this don't last long - they can't trust each other with sharing world domination. Because of their ego and insane desire, they are relatively simple for PC's to pick off one by one. No more Evil Corporation, happy worlds once again, cue the sickly sweet music.

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