It's the one you love, but won't admit you've seen. It stars a high-flying fighter pilot, a Pink Floyd groupie, a Benny Hill girl and one of the Ewoks. And it's the product of the man who is arguably the most popular sci-fi/fantasy film director of all time. This week: 1988's Willow.

Tips? "Don't eat yellow snow." Role-playing tips? "Don't be the last player to leave because you'll get stuck cleaning up the DM's house." No, not those kinds of tips. Roleplaying is an e-mail list which sends out an e-zine full of tips for Game Masters each week.

Perhaps the single most quoted fantasy movie (after Monty Python and the Holy Grail, of course) is The Princess Bride. I personally first encountered the film in college in 1993, six years after its initial release, and ever since then I've faithfully watched it each and every time it's come on television. It's that good.


My wife decided to take the day off and go visit her parents. This gave me the chance to indulge in an activity in which I am not normally allowed. An activity that every red-blooded male loves to indulge. Not porn, but Jackie Chan movies (this time). I rented the movie Project A and was struck with the great piratical gaming ideas that could come from it.

We follow the story of a GamesMaster, short one player for tonight's gaming session. His cure? Summon a demon from hell and stick him with the happiest do-gooder character there is: a paladin. This movie from the Breakfast of Demons only gets better...

Not much to say here from a reporting angle, other than Wizards has totally redesigned their website. In the process, they've relegated Dungeons & Dragons to a mere text link on the sidebar, one of 50 other links, with the same billing as Alternity, Star Wars and Marvel Super Heroes. More inside...

I took the time to download the Dungeons and Dragons movie trailer today. I should have just spent the extra 5 minutes in bed. In case you don't have DSL or a cable modem, I'll take the time here to walk you through the trailer, scene by scene, line by line. You may need an airsickness bag.

A gaggle of goblins and their king kidnap a bouncing babe from his silly sister, leaving the lass just thirteen thrilling hours to muddle through a maze known only as The Labyrinth, a favorite fantasy film from some of the finest in the business, and the subject of this week's column.

I am a traditional gamer. I like AD&D. I like 1st Edition AD&D. I like my weird house rules. And, I'm not interested in Internet games. I don't want arcade or strategy; I want role-playing. I don't want to learn a new rules system. I just want to play my game, my way. And, I want to play it over the Internet.

What to do when you want to run that really nifty game. With ideas for both the old and new table-top gamer. The first thing a prospective GM needs to decide, is what system to use. My personal favorites are Cyberpunk 2020, Castle Falkenstein, and good old Dungeons and Dragons. It hardly pays to plan out a spine-tingling scenario, if you are going to have a hard time finding anyone to play.

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