"Blending together the almighty power of DIRECTX and the remarkable ease of BASIC, prepare for a language that gives absolute beginners unprecidented power to create professional software."


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This year's GenCon was another success. Onsite organization was far above normal expectations. Pick - up of pre - registered badges was amazingly smooth. I arrived onsite by 10AM to pick up my badge and event tickets on Wednesday. I was told that we would be unable to get our badges until noon. As it turned out, Wizards was able to open the pick up area early, and many of us were out of there with our badges before noon. Wizards of the Coast was able to make this happen through the use of temps. It seemed that they hired out the entire slate from a local temp service.

Interesting news coming from here on a Super Nintendo emulator (sNES 9x) for the Dreamcast, "The concept is rather simple really. I plan to port a known Super Nintendo emulator to the DC platform. I will program a simple but attractive directory browser for choosing which game you want to play, then you can jump right in. It'll probably include a software reset (you hit a bunch of buttons at the same time) so you don't have to get up."

Since when are Half-Life and Unreal Tournament classified as simulators? When it's in reference to a sickness being dubbed "simulator sickness", causing players to feel nauseous, dizzy, and ready to uke more than pathetic Daikitana like green slime.

Change can be a good thing. Without change, several of history's momentous events would never have come about. We would be currently living a life so much dissimilar to what we know it would hardly be recognizable. Change is not always good, though. Some things are better left the way they were. I'm not sure what Wizards of the Coast was thinking when they started this grand venture, but I'm hoping they missed the mark and are just too embarassed to admit it.

The opening episode of The Weekly Noun breaks free of the leash, covering characters and their pets. You don't need a license to read this column, and always feel free to adopt these stray ideas into your gaming sessions. The Weekly Noun is guaranteed housebroken.

This year is my 11th attending GenCon. I just got home after picking up my badge and event tickets. I have to admit that I wasn't impressed with Andon taking over the running of the convention from TSR. I realized that Wizards was going to make changes after buying TSR, but Andon seemed bent on trying to ignore any tips that TSR employees were willing to give. After this morning, my feelings have been slightly changed.

Ring of Thieves, the latest in the growing library of free sample PDFs from Cumberland Games and Diversions, is available today. Designed for the obscure and frankly ridiculous Risus: The Anything RPG, Ring of Thieves follows the adventures of Lucas Marks in a retro fantasy solo adventure reminiscent of old-style gamebooks and solitaires. It's a complete adventure, ready for play.

When the GM smiles, run for your life! He's up to no good. If he flashes you a grin and starts to fold his GM screen, it's over! You might as well start picking up the pizza boxes and those 2 liter bottles of soda with just a thin layer of backwash on the bottom. This article is going to be a "top 5" signs of a cruel GM.

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